High Performance Packet Controller

The SPIRIT-2 is the ideal TNC for the modern (9600 BPS & faster) packet station & for BBS, satellite and Network use. It uses reliable, proven technology (G3RUH modem, TNC-2 CPU architecture) with large-scale programmable logic circuits for solid, reliable performance.

PacComm firmware uses TAPR style commands with PacComm extensions, including KISS and Personal Message System.

512kbit (64k Byte) EPROM with bank-switching circuit for TheNet or ROSE network firmware. No modifications required, just set jumpers. TNC-2 compatible design works with any TNC-2 EPROM.

64k of Personal Message System storage and large send and receive buffers.

9.8 MHz CPU clock speed and 10 MHz rated parts are standard. High Speed 16.67MHz CPU option.

Terminal baud rates from 9.6 kb up to 57.6 kb for satellite file downloads without dropped frames.

G3RUH design modem with PLL demodulation for outstanding performance. Two independent modem transmit and receive filter sections. Radio baud rates from 4.8 kb up to 57.6 kb are supported. (64kb on special order.)

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The SPIRIT-2 includes:

Operating Manual with 'Quick-Start section' (Standard and Satellite models), Hardware Manual with all schematics, Computer cable for 9 pin PC serial port, Unterminated radio cable, Power supply (120VAC to 12VDC), Accessory socket cable plug.

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